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          Monday~ Friday:11:30~19:30

                      Saturday :11:30~20:00


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         (02) 2666-0887 

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         No.40, Jin Xing Lu , Xindian Dist., New Taipei City   23152 Taiwan/ROC                     

          Drive to Xindian, then head to Wulai (XinWu Road). 3.5 Kilometers on the left, you’ll             see the large entrance to Garden City. Drive 1km up the hill and you’ll see us on the              right, just before the guard gates and next to the “Big Blue Container”.

          You also can take the MRT to Xindian Station , then take bus of Green 3 line to                     Garden city community . You will see the family convenient store and our restaurant             just opposite the convenient store.


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t02.2666.0887  No.40, Jin Xing Lu, Xindian Dist., New Taipei City


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