About us


When you operate from LOVE, you find PEACE. It’s a journey.

@Peace was created to draw the links to our food sources and processes to peaceand love in your life to fuel you on the journey.

We don’t use ANY animal products (Vegan), at all, ever.

Killing animals just aint humane, it doesn’t come from love and it will never create peace. It is de human.We work hard to create foods that you will never miss “dehumanised” food again. Hand made, compassionate and tastes good.


Made with passion – the hearth was always the center of the home. Food was the life  source of the family and issuing henceforth. Commercial food suffers from “de-humanisation” – SOPs, mechanisation and removal from the process of growing,               picking, cleaning, preparing, cooking, serving, and cleaning again. Without the cycle, there is no LOVE in the food, and without LOVE we allow all sorts of poison into our personal and environmental systems. We call you to accept “Humanised” food. Reject all else.

Organic, local, seasonal

We aim to average around 70% or more of our food as organic sourced, most of which are from local farmers and suppliers. We prefer small scale suppliers and create our recipes based on the seasonal foods available.

The more we support  organic lifestyles, the cheaper and more available they become.

Less waste and impact

We wash our ceramic plates, minimise disposal items, recycle what we can,                        compost what we can and try and buy and make only the amount we need.The                  foods we create are fresh, but designed to be efficient in the produce use. We                    encourage you to bring your own containers, bags, mugs for take aways or use in the          cafe.

Natural and Healthy

Low on the food chain, high on nutrients, plant based fare using whole grains and                vegetables with a minimum of processed foods is the surest way to good health. No            flavor enhancers and chemicals, just good old fashioned (sea) salt, herbs and spices.          No deep fried foods, lower fat versions of classic favourites with better fats                          (flax/sunflower/pumpkin seeds, olive/sunflower oils, fresh herbs from the garden                  where possible). But it still tastes good!! (that’s our challenge!)




Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances of survival of life on Earth as much as evolution to a vegetarian diet. –Albert Einstein


t02.2666.0887 No.40, Jin Xing Lu, Xindian Dist., New Taipei City   www.peacecafe.com.tw


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