Welcome to @Peace Cafe, nestled in the hills of Xindian-Wulai, in the sparkling water catchment area of Taipei City, Taiwan.

We are committed to creating tasty and healthy foods that agree with the environment and the consumer. We are more a Western style cafe sculpted to the Taiwanese tastes. The menu and staff are bilingual, warm and welcoming. Just look at the view….what else would we be?

On our website, you will find out a little about the cafe and why we run it the way we do. There’s also our current menu, and cafe location and a resource section that shares as many recipes as possible.

Come relax in our Mission Statement – Food Choices Change the World.


"The gods created certain kinds of beings
to replenish our bodies…
they are the trees and the plants and the seeds."

PLATO (circa 428-347 B.C.)
Greek philosopher

t02.2666.0887  No.40, Jin Xing Lu , Xindian Dist., New Taipei City www.peacecafe.com.tw


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