Menu basics

  • Our food is all vegan. No eggs, milk, animal, alcohol, honey, gelatin or flavor enhancers/colours/chemicals. We do use all vegetable, nut and seed products, so if you are allergen prone, PLEASE tell us first so we can advise you clearly.
  • We make food fresh and store fresh frozen. It’s handmade, not always ‘cosmetic’, but sure tastes good. There are a variety of flavors, so try different stuff
  • We use garlic and onion in the shop, but we have around 50% of our savory food items are without garlic, onion and the five pungent vegetables. PLEASE tell us when you order.

Standard – We have standard items on the menu that rarely change. These are:

Rotating Items – Seasonally and regalarly we rotate items. At the moment these are:

Special Items – Time and inspiration creates new things. Raw desserts are our passion at the moment. A few items you may cross paths with at the cafe are:


Main Course 主餐

Moroccan Stew 摩洛哥燉飯

Pumpkin Mushroom noodle/ Rice 南瓜百菇湯麵/飯

Arrabiata  Noodle /Rice 紅醬螺旋麵/飯

Sesame Oil Thin Noodle 麻油麵線    


Sandwiches & Roll 捲堡類

Foccacia  Pate 義式手工拍拖堡

Foccacia  Pate 義式手工漫波堡

Bagel Burger 貝果堡

Lebanese Roll 中東手捲

Pita Hummus 埃及豆口袋餅

Vietnamese Roll 越南春捲



Salads 沙拉

Garden Salads 田園沙拉


Desserts 點心

Mexican Volcano 墨西哥火山

Whole Wheat Cinnamon Swirl 全麥肉桂捲

Orange Linseed cake + Vanilla Raw cashew Sauce 香橙亞麻子糕+香草腰果生食醬



Drinks 飲料

Blue Berry Smoothie 藍莓精力湯

Chocolate Smoothie 巧克力精力湯

Black Coffee  黑咖啡

Latteccino  拿鐵奇諾咖啡

Herbal Tea 草本茶

Teacino 奶茶

Smoked Plum Juice 烏梅汁





















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